domingo, outubro 11, 2009

Of dogs and men - a tale in three texts

"Well I can tell u one thing about Alfie compared to me. He must be feeling a bit vulnerable being away from home and pack leader and all. So he was napping on the spare bed and I say come on let's go for a stroll and bang! he's awake and ready to go. No oh wait a minute I'm asleep here, no. Just yeah right let's get it on and so here we are, two guys out for a stroll, maybe chase some cats, who knows, but, dude, he is ready. x"

"Wow. Am I, we, creeped out man. We were in near total darkness across the park when there is this huge guy just standing there. I mean just big, no sound no movement... we turn around. There's another, gotta be 7 feet tall, for real, right behind us. So there we are. Two smalish guys. Between two monsters. Totally dark. Just the four of us..."

"So. I admit it. For a minute we froze. But then we looked at each other... no words needed. We just knew. Those guys are going down. We are like ninjas, dude. A couple of fucking terminators, man (only smaller, a lot smaller in one case). Alfie spins round, goes for the guy's ankle, any higher not really likely (oh, Alf's just said enough already with the heightist remarks, sorry Alf). Me, I snap out a perfect side kick to the other guy's ribs. I think, that's it man, he is done. I own him. But no. It felt like I was kicking wood. Long story short, I was. Some clown has erected two wooden statues in the middle of a field. Art? Pah. But we woulda had them. Mind you, Alf's still getting the splinters out of his teeth. X"

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